Alistair Antonopoulos

Alistair graduated from the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine, and completed a post-doctoral project at the University of Glasgow School of Biodiversity, One Health, and Comparative Medicine. He developed novel molecular diagnostics for anthelmintic resistance, and elucidated resistance markers in the model parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus. Alistair was part of the team that discovered and validated the first known SNP marker for levamisole resistance in H. contortus, and has developed several molecular diagnostic assays for H. contortus and a next-generation sequencing marker panel for Ostertagia ostertagi to aid in the sustainability of livestock production by improving anthelmintic resistance control.

Alistair has been involved in multiple multidisciplinary and international projects, and has been co-principal investigator on a BBSRC international partnership project, in addition to managing research projects which have resulted in multiple peer-reviewed papers and conference presentations at national and international meetings. In Kreavet, he is contributing to the conduct and development of multi-actor Horizon EU funded projects such as BioSecure, focused on improving biosecurity implementation within Europe for sustainable livestock production.

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Alistair Antonopoulos
Alistair Antonopoulos
Scientific project manager (PhD)

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