We are passionate about veterinary sciences. With a specific expertise in the epidemiology, diagnosis, economics and control of parasitic helminth infections in ruminants we give customised training sessions and bring our audience up to date with the current evolutions in the field. We provide adapted training formats for pharmaceutical companies, professional associations, veterinary practitioners and their clients. We are passionate about communication and try to deliver that little extra, making our sessions vibrant and a subject of discussion for the participants in the following days.

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Update on the diagnosis and control of parasitic helminth infections in cattle.

What? Review of the current available diagnostic and decision support tools, treatment approaches and ongoing research topics.

For whom? Veterinarians, researchers, industry, technical advisors, …

Length? Flexible (1 hour - 0.5 day)

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From academic researcher to science entrepreneur in 5 unconventional steps.

What? Inspirational seminar for young researchers to find an alternative career path beyond academia, building on Johannes’ own experience.

For whom? Young researchers and their supervisors.

Length? 1 hour

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Climate change and healthy livestock production: a double-edged sword

What? Overview of the impact of livestock production on climate change and the effects of climate change on livestock health and production. The paths towards adaptation and mitigating the impacts are discussed.

For whom? Anybody interested in the subject

Length? 2 hours

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Watch Johannes’ keynote presentation at the Boehringer Ingelheim Parasit’XPert Academy in 2021 “Should I treat or not? Thresholds for sub-clinical parasite infections

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