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Review papers

Biology and epidemiology of gastrointestinal nematodes in cattle.
Veterinary Clinics of North America - Food Animal Practice 36, 1-15.
Charlier J., Höglund J., Morgan E.R., Geldhof P., Vercruysse J., Claerebout E., 2020.
100 questions in livestock helminthology research.
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Farmer behavior and gastrointestinal nematodes in ruminant livestock – uptake of sustainable control approaches
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 5, 255.
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DISCONTOOLS Supplement: Current research gaps for advancing control of infectious diseases in production animals.
Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 65 (Suppl. 1), 5-8.
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Control of helminth ruminant infections by 2030.
Parasitology, 1-10.
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Mind the gaps in research on the control of gastrointestinal nematodes of farmed ruminants and pigs.
Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 65 (Suppl. 1), 217-234
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Fasciola and fasciolosis in ruminants in Europe: Identifying research needs.
Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 65 (Suppl. 1), 199-216
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Irish Veterinary Journal 69:14
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Cattle and nematodes under global change: transmission models as an ally.
Trends in Parasitology 32, 724-738
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ECONOHEALTH: Placing helminth infections of livestock in an economic and social context.
Veterinary Parasitology 212, 62-67
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Practices to optimise gastrointestinal nematode control on sheep, goat and cattle farms in Europe using targeted (selective) treatments.
Veterinary Record 175, 250-255
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Chasing helminths and their economic impact on farmed ruminants.
Trends in Parasitology 30(7):361-7
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Recent advances in the diagnosis, impact on production and prediction of Fasciola hepatica in cattle.
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Global Change and Helminth Infections in Grazing Ruminants: Impacts, Trends and Sustainable Solutions.
Agriculture 3, 484-502
Morgan E.R., Charlier J., Hendrickx G., Biggeri A., Catalan D., von Samson-Himmelstjerna G., Demeler J., Müller E., van Dijk J., Kenyon F., Skuce P., Höglund J., O’Kiely P., van Ranst B., de Waal T., Rinaldi L., Cringoli G., Hertzberg H., Torgerson P., Wolstenholme A., Vercruysse, J., 2013.
Gastrointestinal nematode infections in adult dairy cattle: impact on production, diagnosis and control.
Veterinary Parasitology 164, 70-79
Charlier J., Höglund J., von Samson-Himmelstjerna G., Dorny P., Vercruysse J., 2009.
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Original research

Resistance of strongylid nematodes to anthelmintic drugs and driving factors at Czech goat farms.
BMC Vet Res 17, 106.
Vadlejch, J., Kyriánová, I.A., Várady, M., Charlier J., 2021.
Increasing importance of anthelmintic resistance in European livestock: creation and meta-analysis of an open database.
Parasite 27, 69.
Rose Vineer H., Morgan E.R., Hertzberg H., Bartley D.J., Bosco A., Charlier J., Chartier C., Claerebout E., de Waal T., Hendrickx G., Hinney B., Höglund J., Ježek J., Kašný M., Keane O.M., Martínez-Valladares M., Mateus T.L., McIntyre J., Mickiewicz M., Munoz A.M., Phythian C.J., Ploeger H.W., Vergles Rataj A., Skuce P.J., Simin S., Sotiraki S., Spinu M., Stuen S., Thamsborg S.M., Vadlejch J., Varady M., von Samson-Himmelstjerna G., Rinaldi L.
Associations between Dictyocaulus viviparus bulk tank milk antibody levels and farmer-reported lungworm outbreaks.
Veterinary Parasitology 288, 109280.
Vanhecke M., Charlier J., Strube C., Claerebout E., 2020.
Initial assessment of the economic burden of major parasitic helminth infections to the ruminant livestock industry in Europe.
Preventive Veterinary Medicine 182, 105103.
Charlier J., Rinaldi L., Musella V., Ploeger, H.W., Chartier, C., Rose Vineer H., Hinney B., von Samson-Himmelstjerna G., Băcescu B., Mickiewicz M., Mateus L., Martinez-Valladares M., Quealy S., Azaizeh H., Sekovska B., Akkari H., Petkevicius S., Hektoen L., Höglund J., Morgan E.R., Bartley D.J., Claerebout E., 2020.
GLOWORM-PARA: a flexible framework to simulate the population dynamics of the parasitic phase of gastrointestinal nematodes infecting grazing livestock.
International Journal for Parasitology 50, 133-144
Rose Vineer H., Verschave S.H., Claerebout E., Vercruysse J., Shaw D.J., Charlier J., Morgan E.R., 2020.
Assessment of anthelmintic efficacy against cattle gastrointestinal nematodes in western France and southern Italy.
Journal of Helminthology 94, e125, 1-3.
Chartier C., Ravinet N., Bosco A., Dufourd E., Gadanho M., Chauvin A., Charlier J., Maurelli M.P., Cringoli G., Rinaldi L., 2020.
Rapid assessment of faecal egg count and faecal egg count reduction through composite sampling in cattle, 2019.
Parasites & Vectors 12, 353.
Rinaldi L., Amadesi A., Dufourd E., Bosco A., Gadanho M., Lehebel A., Maurelli M.P., Chauvin A., Charlier J., Cringoli G., Ravinet N., Chartier C., 2019
Risk factors for the presence of Fasciola hepatica antibodies in bulk-milk samples and their association with milk production decreases, in Cuban dairy cattle.
BMC Veterinary Research 14, 336
Arenal A., García Y., Quesada L., Velázquez D., Sánchez D., Peña M., Suárez A., Díaz A., Sánchez Y., Casaert S., van Dijk J., Vercruysse J., Charlier J., 2018.
Beliefs, intentions and beyond: A qualitative study on the adoption of sustainable gastrointestinal nematode control practices in Flanders’ dairy industry.
Preventive Veterinary Medicine 153, 15-23
Vande Velde F., Charlier J., Hudders L., Cauberghe V., Claerebout E., 2018.

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