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Making food production more sustainable is one of the greatest challenges of our times. With global population growth, climate change and increasing societal expectations on food safety, environmental impact and animal welfare, livestock production is under continuous evolution. Kreavet helps its clients to deliver evidence-based solutions to meet these challenges and support the progress towards sustainable livestock farming. We offer specific expertise in the field of veterinary parasitology, epidemiology and socio-economics of animal health. Through our international network of experts, we liaise you to the right person if we don’t have the expertise in house. We participate in international research projects and are experienced in facilitating and managing multi-disciplinary collaborations.

We offer services in the following areas:

Scientific and proposal writing
We help to improve your project proposal or get your publication published. With a track-record of participation and management in several EU-grants and > 70 scientific publications, we can support your project and give it a higher success rate.
Project management
We help you to focus on the science. We can take over (part of) your project management by monitoring milestones and deliverables, collecting and collating project reports and managing your project’s website.
field studie of cow
Clinical field trials
We support your field studies from design to reporting. We work with a network of veterinary practitioners to evaluate your product in field circumstances. We work with academic experts to deliver you the best study design and evidence. We have specific expertise in anthelmintic efficacy trials and trials to assess the impact of intervention on animal productivity parameters.
Statistical data-analysis
We analyse and summarize your data. We work with clinical or academic statisticians when it gets really advanced.
test in laboratory
Diagnostic test evaluation
We run analyses to assess the diagnostic performance or repeatability of your test. We also organize ring trials to evaluate and harmonize diagnostic results between different laboratories.
Literature review and documentation
We perform literature research to find documentation and analyse the existing evidence around your product or service. We summarize literature in written reports. If deep analysis is required, we perform systematic reviews with meta-analysis according to the PRISMA guidelines.
research project on cows
Support to PhD-research projects
We provide tailored support and/or co-supervise PhD and other research projects to achieve the high standards, required to make your research have an impact.
Impact assessments of animal disease
Using state-of-the-art techniques and available data, we estimate cost of disease and costs versus benefits or risks of disease control measures in various settings.
Project review and evaluation
Upon request of organizations and funders of research, we perform independent reviews and evaluations of research proposals and projects and provide constructive feed-back. We also regularly perform reviews for scientific journals. This helps us to stay up-to-date with the current key opinion leaders in science and scientific progress in the field.
research papers
Technical and scientific editing of research papers
We enhance the quality and acceptance rate of your research paper with in depth support in getting the research questions clear, structuring your paper, scientific writing and support with the submission process.

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